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Michael Jordan vs Will Perdue

Se stie ca Michael Jordan a fost genul de jucator care dadea totul pe parchet si isi ajuta coechipierii sa devina mai buni. Insa nu intotdeauna au fost momente placute la Bulls. Si nu, nu ma refer la meciurile pierdute, ci mai degraba la ce se intampla atunci cand usile erau inchise.

Nu stiu cati dintre voi stiti, dar Michael Jordan si-a lovit un coechipier (Will Perdue) in fata la un antrenament… si nu a fost un incident izolat (oh Steve Kerr). Intr-una din cartile sale, Phil Jackson povesteste viata alaturi de Jordan, ce metode folosea la antrenamente (mingi usor dezumflate) etc. Povestea dintre Jordan si Perdue a fost tot dupa un antrenament neconventional al lui Jackson: primul 5 vs rezerve, avantajul fiind ca rezervele puteau faulta, sau comite orice “infractiune” doresc.

Si de aici povestea e impartita in doua: Acum cateva zile Horace Grant spune intr-un interviu “I hate to tell the story…Will and I are still good friends. Typical Phil, we run this play and Will set an illegal pick on MJ and MJ said, ‘Will, don’t do that again.’ ‘Whatcha talking about?’ That’s Will. MJ says, ‘Alright.’ Phil says, ‘Run it again.’ So naturally, we run it two more times, illegal pick. MJ walks up to Will—boom. Lit him up. It was over. We grabbed Will. You’re not going to hurt MJ. MJ can take care of himself. The next day on the plane, Will gets on with this huge shiner.” Intr-un alt interviu, Purdue spune “First of all, the second unit was kicking the first unit’s butt, and Michael wasn’t too happy about it. And we used to do that actually quite often in practice. So, we kept running this play, and sometimes my screens were illegal. Sometimes they were not. But my job was to make sure I hit him. Well one time he said, ‘If you do that again I’m going to make you pay for it.’ Well Johnny Bach just stood there and goes, ‘Run it again.’ So we ran it again, and this time I figured if I’m going to get my money’s worth. I nailed him, knocked him to the ground, kind of stood over him a little bit. He stood up, popped me and before I could get him they got us and that was the end of it.”

Ce mi se pare mie interesant nu e faptul ca Jordan i-a invinetit ochiul lui Perdue, ci faptul ca povestea a ramas “acasa”. Ma intreb daca incidentul ar fi avut loc in zilele noastre, cate Tweet-uri/postari pe Facebook ar fi fost, in conditiile in care stim cu totii cum e social media in NBA.

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